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Raw Herbs

  • Harad Herb

    Harad Herb

    Harad(terminalia Chebula)-harad as Know as Harade in India and It Has a Multiple Ayurvedic Health Benefits. It is An Amazing Herb. in Some Cases, Excessive Comsumption of Harad Might Cause Diarrhea.



  • Hingot Fruit

    Hingot Fruit

    Hingot (Balanites Aegyptiaca) : it is also Called Egyptian Balsam is a Species of Tree. in English It is Called "desert Date","bush"or Soap Berry Tree.



    • It is Used in Jaundice,
  • Kali Jeeri

    Kali Jeeri

    Kali Jeeri (Caraway Seed)-or  Kali Jeeri is An Annual Eurasian  Herb By  Its Name  Nigella Sativa Which Contains - Bluish- White Flowers and  Its Pungent  Black Seeds  Which are Very  Commonly  Used as

  • Whole Baheda

    Whole Baheda

    Beheda-(botanical Name-terminalia Bellirica)-it is More Commonly Known as Bibhitaki. It is Found in India. Their Fruits are Grey But Without Ridges.


    FORM : Whole,

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